Eco Hotel Aldea

Live a unique experience full of many adventures and enjoy the Amazon Rainforest in all its glory.

Our Rooms

We have 9 cabins with fan and 6 air-conditioned rooms, surrounded by nature and with a design efficient, sustainable and original.

$ 181.000
$44 USD /Night (With air)
$ 155.000
$37 USD /Night (With air)
$ 232.000
$56 USD /Night (With air)
$ 90.000
Simple $22 USD
/ $ 143.000
Double $35 USD
/ $175.000
Triple $45 USD
/ $207.000
Quadruple $55 USD /
/ Per person $1 USD

San Martín de Amacayacu

Departure by boat up the amazon river basin to the rio Amacayacu arrival san Martin performed an ecological walk by a bridge, tibetan-style in the middle of the jungle

Where will appreciate a variety of exotic birds and trees of the amazon and sport fishing.


Restaurant & Bar

Come to taste dishes typical of the amazon region.

Welcome to

Puerto Nariño

On the banks of the river Loretoyacu, Puerto Nariño, a quiet town where you live about 7,700 people, the majority of indigenous ethnic groups. Draw attention the cheerful colors of the facades of their houses of wood and the fact that they do not run cars.

"We offer to the visitors ecological tours of great tourist attraction. Our eco tours include Sightings of exotic birds of the Amazon, Dolphins, Alligators, Fish Pirarucu, and exotic flora such as The Victoria Régia."

What to do in puerto nariño?

This is an exotic destination, and adventure. Get ready for safaris night watching exotic birds, friendly and curious monkeys, pink dolphins and a flora endemic to the region.

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How to get?

Get Eco Hotel Village is the adventure easier
1. Get to Leticia

Arrives the airport is Alfredo Vásquez Cobo in Leticia, and take a taxi to "Puerto Civil"

2. To get to Puerto Nariño

At the pier, board a Boat to Puerto Nariño, the journey lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes (The Boats depart at specific times: 7:00am, 9:00am and 1:00pm).

Transport cost: $10 USD

3. Comes to Eco Hotel village

Addresses a fast boat (5 minutes) or a pot peque peque (10-15 minutes) from Puerto Nariño towards Eco Hotel Village

Transport cost: $1 USD
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